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Congratulations! You’re so close to starting your energy saving journey! What you need to do...

  • 1Choose how many appliances you want to monitor and save money on, such as kettle, fridge freezers, TVs etc. Most consumers choose between 10 – 20 plug sensors
  • 2Commit to a plan that suits your budget. All plans require an investment of £497 so we can recover some of our rising hardware and duty costs. We import our products from around the world to create this educational solution.
  • 3Start saving with sokkit to reduce your electrical bills and become better educated on your domestic and/or commercial spend.

What does the upfront £497 get you?

Checkbox1x smart router

Checkbox1x smart portal (we provide you login details)


This is a brand new energy saving solution to help you understand where you spend your money.

The energy suppliers will not provide you with the data we can.


The monthly subscription investment is only for your plug sensors. The longer the contract, the cheaper they are.

Choose your plan

1Choose your contract length
12 months
24 months
36 months
48 months
60 months
2Choose the number of plug sensors
3Choose payment


Sokkit has sold many money saving solutions to people in new homes across the construction industry, and a growing number of small businesses in the UK and Germany.

Sokkit’s Smart Router can connect up to 2000 Smart Plugs and works up to 15 miles away, so Sokkit can be used in warehouses, remote offices, highways infrastructure, not just for your office or home. Our Smart Router uses LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Networking) to obtain the results you see on the Smart Portal.